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Womens Adidas Hoodies Sale

give voters in each community a chance to change that.

At Harrison's Liquor Store on Gordon Highway, owner Pranav Patel says the extra days would not yield a huge profit. And even if it does become legal, he doesn't plan to do away with his only day off. Instead, he says he will stay closed on Sundays anyway.

Womens Adidas Hoodies Sale

Womens Adidas Hoodies Sale

Womens Adidas Hoodies Sale

be forced to wait until Monday.

AUGUSTA, Ga. If you're looking to buy alcohol, make sure to get to the stores before midnight Saturday. Or you'll Adidas Maroon Hoodie Womens

"Is not gonna be worth it for a liquor store to open for five or six hours," Patel says. "So it's really not gonna help them out as far as revenue increase."

Womens Adidas Hoodies Sale

"We get a lot of those last minute ones trying to come in real quick," she says of Saturday night shoppers. "I always tell them, go ahead and get some more, get extra, because we're not open tomorrow."

Religious groups like the Georgia Christian Coalition along with some lawmakers have long opposed Sunday sales, calling it a moral issue.

Womens Adidas Hoodies Sale

Womens Adidas Hoodies Sale

Womens Adidas Hoodies Sale

Alcoholic drinks can legally be served in restaurants and sports stadiums on Sundays. The bill would allow store sales to begin at 12:30pm, lasting until 11:30pm.

But, surprisingly enough, some liquor stores are also against the change.

Womens Adidas Hoodies Sale

Womens Adidas Hoodies Sale

along with Indiana and Connecticut.

´╗┐GA senate debates bill this week

"I don't understand why liquor can't be sold on Sundays," she says. "You can buy pornography on Sundays. Lottery, that's a form of gambling, you can buy that on Sundays."

Georgia is one of only three states banning Sunday alcohol sales in stores, Adidas Tank Top Men

The idea has been tried and shot down before. During his time in office, former governor Sonny Purdue opposed Sunday sales. Meanwhile Governor Nathan Deal, while abstaining from alcohol consumption himself, says he believes in voters' rights to choose. If the bill makes it through legislature, the question could be on ballots as early as this fall. Local communities will have to decide whether they want it to come up for a vote.

Leah Adkins works six days a week at Harban's Wine and Spirits on Boy Scout Road. Womens Adidas Hoodies Sale And if she gets her way, it could become an everyday gig.

But the senate is debating a bill that would Adidas Sweatshirt Amazon

But in Georgia, that could soon change. An old debate over whether to allow Sunday sales is getting new life. This week, Georgia senators are set to discuss a bill that would allow voters to decide if stores in their communities can sell alcohol on Sundays.

Adkins says more hours to sell would mean more money, and more tax dollars. Good for the state, she explains, and good for small businesses.

Womens Adidas Hoodies Sale

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