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While he was recovering from an injury, he says he noticed that his garden was a hive of activity. It was then that he started taking more of an interest.

Once all the data has been received, experts will be interested to see if the helter skelter conditions around the UK so far this year mean birds seem scarce, or they appear in their droves.

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According to Ray, the weather plays an important role in the number of birds in gardens each winter. He suspects that bird watchers will see fewer birds this weekend compared to previous years.

Ray is now retired and gives a lot of his time to the RSPB. His role as local group leader keeps him extremely busy. "Derby members meet every week from September to April and once a month we arrange outings, usually bird watching walks and coach trips to the coast,'' he said.

Whatever happens with the weather this weekend, the results will be compared with those from winters in the past.

Purple Adidas Tracksuit Womens

Nationally, more than half a million people are expected to take part in this weekend's RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch.

Purple Adidas Tracksuit Womens

Purple Adidas Tracksuit Womens

"Come and see me on Saturday and I will give you the form you need to fill in.

"I have noticed fewer birds but there is no need to panic. Don't think for a minute that there's a problem. Just keep your tally for an hour and list your findings with the RSPB."

such an exciting thing to do," said Ray, who be manning a RSPB information stall in the Derby Westfield on Saturday, from 9.30am 4pm.

Purple Adidas Tracksuit Womens

Purple Adidas Tracksuit Womens

The first Big Garden Birdwatch started in 1979, and since then the charity has been organising this annual event. Changes alert experts to track the winners and Purple Adidas Tracksuit Womens losers in the garden bird world and long term trends stand out even when year to year differences in the weather are taken into account.

very busy weekend and I can't wait to spend time looking in my garden. I'll be filling in my form on Sunday somet ime, but you can do it any time that's convenient.

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The RSPB also wants to know whether people see deer, squirrels, badgers, hedgehogs, frogs and toads in their gardens.

data collected this weekend, the RSPB will be able to build an overall picture of how important our gardens are for giving all types of nature a home.

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The charity's new Giving Nature a Home campaign means that more people providing their wild creatures with new habitats.

Purple Adidas Tracksuit Womens

He said: "There is a huge reason for this: the mild weather. Birds might not be coming into your gardens quite so much because there is so much more natural food for them to find.

"The first time I saw a blue tit I was thrilled to pieces," said Ray, a former employee of the Derby Telegraph.

"I've never been as interested in birds as I am now. I've got the time since I retired and I think that's why I am so interested."

Purple Adidas Tracksuit Womens

And with many of the UK's most common garden birds and other creatures in steep decline, the charity needs people to sign up.

"And don't just look out for birds, keep an eye out for other wildlife too."

"This year, we aren't just interested in birds.

"And then when I saw a gold finch I was ecstatic. Garden birds, like blackbirds, are in no way boring. These fantastic creatures all add up to nature. It's our job to spend an hour checking out the activity in our garden. You don't have to go and sit in it for an hour. You can keep warm, sit by the window, and make a list of what you see.

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"You can get the entire family involved. Ask your children to do it. I bet they would love it. You could have so much fun and we're only asking for an hour of your time."

"We want to know what else you see in your garden. We'd like you to keep a note of things like squirrels, frogs and toads.

And this year, for the first time in over 30 years, participants are being asked to log some of the other wildlife they see too.

´╗┐Get a feather in your cap and watch the birdies in Derby

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Purple Adidas Tracksuit Womens

Purple Adidas Tracksuit Womens

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