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also admits he never saw anyone actually make the calls themselves.

During two and a Pink Adidas Crop Top half hours of testimony Wednesday morning, Gary Dykstra recounted bits and pieces of how the robocalls were planned.

'Fuzzy' Testimony From Willard's Political Partner

Gortmaker says Willard never told him his card was lost or stolen as Willard attorney has been implying throughout cross examination.

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asked about who may have also been involved in the sending or making to be sent robocalls you assumed that may be Dan Willard? Tornow asked Dykstra in cross examination.

MADISON, SD A man who worked with Dan Willard on Ron Paul South Dakota campaign says he also helped Willard with illegal robocalls, which were sent out last fall.

"No, I didn Dykstra said.

Dykstra was a state delegate for Ron Paul along with Willard in 2012. Dykstra says he planned the calls with Willard and Nelson.

"I do not know, Dykstra responded.

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you pay for the robocalls? Kempema replied.

Dykstra testified he worked with Willard and South Dakota State Representative Stace Nelson to send out the robocalls. However, he admitted his memory about the details are and he was evasive with nearly all of his answers.

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Following Dykstra testimony, South Dakota Division of Criminal Investigation Director Bryan Gortmaker took the stand and detailed how he linked Willard to the calls through his credit card, email Men Adidas Tracksuit

Dykstra even admitted that his wife voice can be heard on one of the calls.

Gortmaker says he personally decided to investigate the case after South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard and Secretary of State Jason Gant raised concerns about the Adidas Green Hoodies


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"I assume that maybe Dan did, but I can provide you with any specific," Dykstra responded.

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"I think that fair to say," Dykstra said.

However, Willard attorney, R. Shawn Tornow, pointed out that Dykstra has lied under oath in front of the grand jury before and has three different immunity agreements that allow him to avoid prosecution in exchange for his truthful testimony against Willard.

paid for the robocalls? Assistant South Dakota Attorney General Brent Kempema asked.

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account and IP address.

"If you are asking did I first hand witness the dialing and making of the calls, I have to agree, I didn Dykstra testified.

not sure, correct? Tornow asked.

Stace Nelson pay for the robocalls? Kempema asked.

"I think we all had the idea that we didn like some of the votes that were going on, some of the bills that were being proposed so I don know that it was any person one idea," Dykstra testified.

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