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The commission was also a strong advocacy voice for Geelong in Melbourne and Canberra.

Councillors have taken exception to committee advocacy of a directly elected mayor for Geelong, its recent criticism of the ward discretionary funding and some councillors perceived Franks Costa's intervention in the recent mayoral election as committee interference.

But the CoGG's first directly elected mayor, Keith Fagg, was conciliatory a few weeks after his election last year when he addressed committee members at a luncheon.

Maybe that is what needs to be defined with the various business related groups in Geelong. What is that each group can own and be best at when representing the interests of existing and future residents and employers in COGG.

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Hoodie Adidas For Girls

slogan to support municipal amalgamation: "One United Voice for Geelong."

´╗┐Geelong still choking on prospect of a united voice

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Contrast that with the words of Cr Jan Farrell. She reflects the jealousies of past eras where ownership of ideas, strategies and projects was important rather than actually working together to get things done.

The committee, as part of its vision since its inception, has organised lobby trips to Spring St and Canberra, bringing councils and other local groups under its umbrella. But in more recent times, the CoGG and G21 have increasingly gone their own ways.

I see that many claim credit for a successful outcome for the area when in fact it is often the combined efforts of many that should be recognised. There are many individuals working pro bono behind the scenes for unselfish reasons.

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And it also converted me to support municipal amalgamation, something I strongly advocated as a member of the Geelong Local Government Review, chaired by Patricia Heath, in 1990.

"What has become clear to me in the past few weeks is that state and federal governments are seeking a united voice from Geelong about what we want for the future," Cr Fagg had said.

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He said something along the lines that public servants didn't take Geelong too seriously because just about every time one of our 11 councils approached a department with a proposal, one or more of its neighbours would have a deputation within days trying to undermine it if it had implications that crossed boundaries.

I have never forgot Mr Byrne's view of Geelong's divisions.

When I read last week that the City of Greater Geelong had severed its membership of the Committee for Geelong, memories came flooding back.

The Geelong Local Government Review coined a Adidas Tracksuit For Boys

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The Committee for Geelong was created in 2001 because it was felt that amalgamation had not filled the advocacy gap Adidas Long Sleeve Running Top

left by the demise of the commission where business, local government and other community stakeholders Hoodie Adidas For Girls worked in unity, albeit uneasy at times, for regional benefits.

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amalgamation didn't bring unity!

The commission played a pivotal role in preparing the region for economic and social transition, as first the textile industry and International Harvester Company disappeared in the 1970s and Ford felt the first winds of change in 1980.

Bill Winter of Australia Posted at 8:52 AM December 17, 2013

"We run the risk of fragmentation of Geelong's effort and dilution of the end effect unless we act with one voice internally and externally."

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He stressed the importance of a united advocacy for Geelong, which he saw as being in competition with cities throughout Australia for infrastructure and service spending.

It prompted me to write editorials supporting the creation of the Geelong Regional Commission, despite some local opposition to a regional organisation with statutory powers, including land acquisition.

When then Premier Jeff Kennett introduced municipal restructure to Geelong, as part of a wider and largely unpopular move across Victoria in 1993, he made the mistake of winding up the Geelong Regional Commission.

It's a shame that legacy from the 1970s still lingers!

Increasingly, divisions appeared between the Committee for Geelong on one hand and the City of Greater Geelong and G21 largely funded by the CoGG on the other.

Two years later, G21, was born, initially as a forum bringing together the five regional councils and business and community groups to develop a regional strategic plan and a vision for the future.

Some councillors also seemed annoyed that the committee obtained funding for Vision2 and allocated it to Deakin University's Head of Building and Architecture, Professor Hisham Elkadi. Divisions appeared to escalate in 2011 2012.

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There is a concept in Jim Collin's best seller 'Good to Great' that says you should answer the question what can you own when looking at how a business can be great in our competitive business world.

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