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´╗┐Gaza fighting resumes as talks fail

One of the Israeli airstrikes appeared to have targeted the home of Mohammed Deif, the Islamic militant group elusive military chief, who has escaped numerous Israeli assassination attempts in the past. It was not immediately clear whether he was there at the time of the attack.

Air raid sirens wailed in southern Israeli cities this morning warning of incoming rockets from Gaza.

Three people two women and a two year old girl were killed in an airstrike on a house in Gaza City, al Kidra said. In Cairo, Moussa Abu Marzouk, a senior Hamas leader, said the dead included the wife and a child of Deif. There was no immediate confirmation from Hamas leaders in Gaza.

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Twenty one people were wounded in a separate airstrike that hit a building that houses offices of Hamas Al Aqsa TV station, said al Kidra.

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Yaakov Peri from the centrist Yesh Atid party, a former director of Israel internal security service, said he does not have any details about Deif but that his house would have only been hit for a reason.

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"With the assumption that Israel was behind this, it shows its intelligence capabilities. and it is an important indication that no Green Adidas Hoodie Womens head of the Hamas military wing is immune to a targeted killing," he said.

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In nearly a week of indirect talks, Egypt appears to have made little headway in resolving the differences. Late on Monday, it secured a 24 hour ceasefire extension to allow for a last ditch attempt to reach a deal.

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Today the Egyptian foreign ministry expressed "deep regret" over the breaking of the ceasefire. It said in a statement that it "continues bilateral contacts" with both sides aimed at restoring calm and securing a lasting truce that "serves the interest of the Palestinian people, especially in relation to the opening of the crossings and reconstruction".

Israel has not formally commented on the strike but local media quoted an anonymous official as saying it was meant to hit Deif.

Palestinian militants after they fired rockets at Israel. The Palestinian Red Crescent said they were killed.

The Israeli military said it carried out some 60 airstrikes on Gaza targets, and that Palestinians had fired at least 80 rockets at Israel since the temporary truce collapsed. About 2,000 reserve soldiers who had been sent home two weeks ago when fighting seemed to have simmered down were called up for duty again today, the military said.

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Green Adidas Hoodie Womens

The breakdown in talks and the resumption of violence marked a bitter ending to nearly a week of Egyptian led diplomacy meant to end the war, which has reduced entire Gaza neighbourhoods to rubble and claimed more than 2,000 lives, mainly Palestinians.

The Gaza blockade has greatly limited the movement of Palestinians in and out of the territory of 1.8 million people, restricted the flow of goods into Gaza and blocked virtually all exports.

While the plan does not require Hamas to give up its weapons, it would give Western backed president Mahmoud Abbas, whose forces were ousted by Hamas in 2007, a foothold back in Gaza running border crossings and overseeing internationally backed reconstruction.

An Egyptian compromise proposal calls for easing the blockade, but not lifting it altogether or opening the territory air and seaports, as Hamas has demanded.

There were no reports of injuries, though a piece of a rocket that was intercepted near Tel Aviv fell on a busy road last night.

Soon afterwards a rocket fired from Gaza hit a house in southern Israel, causing damage to the home but no injuries.

The fighting resumed yesterday when Gaza militants fired rockets at Israeli cities just hours before a temporary ceasefire was set to expire, prompting Israel to withdraw its delegation from Cairo and launch retaliatory airstrikes. Since then at least 16 Palestinians have been killed and 68 wounded, Gaza health ministry official Ashraf al Kidra said.

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Green Adidas Hoodie Womens

The latest round of Gaza fighting was precipitated by Israel arrest of hundreds of Hamas members in the West Bank in the aftermath of the abduction and killing of three Israeli teenagers in June. Their deaths were followed by the killing of a Palestinian youth in Jerusalem in what was likely to have been a revenge attack.

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Israel says the blockade is needed to prevent Hamas and other militant groups from getting weapons, but critics say the measures have amounted to collective punishment.

a crippling Israeli Egyptian blockade tightened when it seized power in Gaza in 2007, while Israel wants guarantees that the Islamic militant group will disarm.

collapsed in a hail of fire a day earlier.

The disagreements have focused around the lifting of the blockade, with Hamas pushing for far more dramatic concessions than Israel is willing to offer.

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Israel military said it targeted two Adidas Hoodie Zumiez

Israel says the number of militants killed was much higher, and it blames Hamas for causing civilian casualties by staging attacks from residential areas. Sixty four Israeli soldiers, two Israeli civilians and a guest worker from Thailand have also been killed.

He said a security cabinet meeting would be held to discuss developments.

"If there was intelligence information that Mohammed Deif was not at home then the house would not have been blown up," he told Army Radio.

The violence left the Egyptian mediation efforts in tatters and raised the likelihood of a new escalation. Palestinian negotiators said the talks were finished.

Palestinian militants launched dozens of rockets and Israel responded with airstrikes after Egyptian efforts to mediate a lasting truce in the month long Gaza war Adidas Women Long Sleeve

More than 2,000 Palestinians, most of them civilians, have been killed since the war began on July 8, according to Palestinian and UN officials, and tens of thousands of people have been left homeless.

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