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Army Major Geoff Duncklee just happened to be on the same path for a Cub Scout outing with his sons.

"And I saw an ambulance and a firetruck and all of these people," Penny remembered. "My heart just dropped and I quickly did a U turn in the road and I went back."

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And with Mike and Penny now in the ambulance, Geoff thought it could go either way.

Back at home, Mike's wife Penny knew he was running late, so she hopped in the car to look for him.

"I was gone," Mike said. "I didn't have a pulse."

tells it to beat and keeps him running was 100 percent blocked.

But Mike was not out of the woods yet. His heart would stop beating again on the way to the hospital.

And so while he gave Mike CPR, someone else called 911.

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"Everybody has a little bit of plaque in their arteries," Mike explained. "While I was running, a piece flaked off, broke lose and completely stopped my heart."

"We stopped right there and said a prayer that Black Adidas Crop Top that wasn't the last time we'd see him again," Geoff said.

Geoff also just happens to be an Army Nurse.

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"He was blue. His lips were purple," Geoff said. "So it didn't look real good."

"I try to live it all. I try to do it all. And the ones around you that you love, you've got to tell them every day and mean it," Mike added.

"And as every Saturday morning before I head out the door, Penny and I have Adidas Hoodie Dark Red

our little prayer, have our little kiss goodbye, 'I love you and I'll see you later.' Mike said.

When doctors finally got to Mike, they realized the main artery that feeds the heart and Adidas Tracksuit Mens Black And White

"The pieces were just lined up right in a Adidas Crew Neck Womens

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What that means to Penny is that if Geoff had not been at the right place at the right time Mike would not be with her today.

Now, just a matter of months after his near death experience, our friend and co worker is back running again. A day that nearly ended his life ended up changing it forever.

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"I saw him laying face down behind one of the trees on the sidewalk. Touched him on the shoulder to see if he was responsive and I didn't get anything," Geoff remembered.

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"They lost him again in the ambulance," Penny said. "And from what we have since been told, with the rhythm that he had, he really should not have been able to have been shocked back."

´╗┐Geoff Duncklee

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row," Mike said. "And Geoff was the first piece and I'm here today because of Geoff."

"I really don't know what to say to the person that saved my husband's life and gave him back to me," Penny said. "His humbling response, and I will never forget this was 'I am just really proud to be the vessel that God choose to use that day.'"

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