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I like Oscardoodle's comment Adidas Sweatshirt Womens

the role would no longer involve attending public functions or engagements. The city council said the move would help offset Government enforced cuts.

interested in talking to anyone who is interested in becoming the mayor chauffeur, the council leader said.

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In an poll on the Derby Telegraph website, 60% of readers said the city needed a mayor and 40% said the role was not important.

A final decision on whether to axe the office will be made after a public consultation is carried out.

The latter may cause a few raised eyebrows and a few objections, but it would be difficult to find any reasons for refusing a deal as long as it does not involve logos on Mayoral robes or an additional badge attached to the chain of office.

may be a funeral firm but our limousines can be used for various engagements. Only the other day, one of our limousines collected a lady from East Midlands Airport as it was her birthday.

Readers also posted their views about the council proposal to axe the Mayor Office on the website.

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´╗┐Funeral firm offers limo to chauffeur Derby Mayor

Derby_proud said: am absolutely outraged. What an absolute disgrace! Will Croft3 said: city is making cuts in all departments. It is only right that cuts are being made in the Mayor Office.

that he hopes the Mayor does not take this lying down, I gave that one a thumbs up as it brought a smile to my face.

Announcing the proposal, leader Paul Bayliss said he hoped a private firm would offer to chauffeur the mayor as part of a sponsorship deal, so the councillor in the role could carry on attending public functions.

Stolen_ID, oh dear, you are so serious!!! It was a joke! Probably in bad taste, but based on one of the previous comments by another user! The original words, just in case you've never heard them, were "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse", my "joke was a play on those words. Oh how painful it is when you have to explain a joke! But then again Stolen_ID only read my comment Adidas Sweatshirt Png

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as I am the target of his current stalking exercise, so he obviously missed that comment!

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Mr Bayliss said the council would be interested in talking to Mr Simnett.

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If the proposal goes ahead, the mayor staff and chauffeur would be made redundant and Adidas Long Sleeve For Girls

Opinion has been mixed on how important the mayor role is in Derby.

have five drivers and, providing they are available, they would be happy to chauffeur the mayor.

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I find it very hard to understand why so many people are so concerned about the fact that our Mayor is to loose his posh car. While there are Pensioners in this city who are too afraid to turn their heating On, because of the high price of energy. I am however pleased to see that a local busniss is to lend our Mayor a car, and is prepared to help our city in these difficult financial times. It would be nice if local people would also remember these pensioners, and also remember the many homeless who will be spending life on Derby's streets this Christmas, many of whom are ex Solders who just cannot cope with civilian life, after what they have seen, whilst serving Adidas White Hoodie Mens their country.

certainly like to speak to the council to see what exactly it is they are wanting. The council said it could save 103,000 a year by scrapping the Mayor Office, which includes three full time members of staff including the chauffeur who organise the mayor schedule.

I would expect the funeral firm to own some high prestige vehicles, it would be interesting to see what the arrangements would be, whether it would be a hire on demand arrangement, discounts for regular bookings or some form of commercial sponsorship deal.

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