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Chief Commissioner, Victoria Police has changed its policing model to increase numbers at a Divisional level. changes had seen extra police move into crime investigation and road policing rolls, he said.

The region would also see 70 extra police filter in later this year after the completion of the Waurn Ponds police station, due in October, he said.

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is unprecedented, I never seen or heard of a rally like this in Geelong, he said.

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is needed is simply more frontline police allocated to the Geelong region. MP John Eren pledged to raise the concerns when Parliament sits next week.

reassuring presence of a marked police vehicle or an officer on the street is becoming rarer and rarer in Greater Geelong.

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the direction of the Adidas Tracksuit For Girls

Police Minister Kim Wells said the claims were alarming and misleading.

low. The community should be outraged, he told the rally.

Mr Iddles called on members to stand united and fight to fix shortages, with revelations 000 calls are going unattended and are members overworked.

the people of Geelong this means less security, more vulnerability at a time . when they need encouragement not neglect. It means fewer patrols, on occasions none at all, he said.

Superintendent Daryl Clifton last week told the Geelong Advertiser that Geelong police numbers were far from being in crisis and felt union claims were being over inflated.

police will cover the eight police stations in the Geelong (area) and 10 police stations in Surf Coast, he said.

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Former homicide detective and current Police Association secretary Ron Iddles addressed the crowd at Johnstone Park yesterday to publicly voice allegations of severe staff shortages Adidas Hoodies Camo

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not the members fault . there been a drastic reduction of police officers and it isn good enough. of the crowd expressed outrage at comments that numbers were being adequately managed and voted to condemn rostering changes on the Bellarine, which the union said were turning Portarlington, Drysdale and Queenscliff stations into shop fronts Iddles said, while 1300 extra police position had been created statewide since 2010, the number of first response officers in Geelong had dropped.

Supt Clifton said upcoming rostering changes were a positive shift for all communities across the Geelong and Bellarine areas and would deploy uniform police where ever they needed.

´╗┐Geelong police rally for Adidas Tracksuit Black Red more troops

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Figures released under a Freedom of Information by Labor recently showed Geelong police numbers were down 19 per cent from 224 to 181, while the crime rate 15 per cent.

investigated crime in Geelong since 1996 and I don think I ever seen the frustration so high and the morale so Adidas Pullover Men

need to protect those who protect us. of Greater Geelong councillor Andy Richards labelled the rally a occasion said council had lobbied to grow the city but were fearful the resources required to support the growth would not be met.

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Adidas Tracksuit Black Red

He said since the Victorian Coalition Government came to office, about 60 extra police officers had begun working in Geelong and the Surf Coast police service areas.

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in Geelong and surrounding areas.

know some calls are going unattended some loud parties and neighbourhood disputes.

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