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Investigators say some of the markings are gang related. You can see the walls are still wet at the park, a sign of a quick clean up. But, you Adidas T Shirt Dress White can still see some of the markings and there's more on the ground. You see a symbol of "NVN" and that same Adidas Dress Womens

Gang references and graffiti leave marks of vandalism at North Augusta's Riverview Park.

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Adidas T Shirt Dress White

Little 2 year old Noah and his mom, Sue Anne, come to North Augusta's Riverview Park pretty often. She's not happy to know graffiti, along with gang references, are all over a park that Noah loves.

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Adidas T Shirt Dress White

"I think it's kind of ridiculous because the community takes such great pride in our parks and they're here for people to enjoy them. There's no reason for people to damage them."

Officer Tyrone Tripp is trained in gang graffiti and knows how important Adidas Crew Neck Sweatshirt Mens

You can still see signs of graffiti cleaned up at the park before.

"The more you leave it out there, the more people are tempted to do it," says Sue Anne.

"You have it. You take a picture of it. You take it down that let's them know you're not going to tolerate it," says Officer Tripp.

"Once they start, it's just a thing, they keep on doing it," says Sue Anne.

´╗┐Gang graffiti at North Augusta's Riverview Park

it is to get rid of it, quickly.

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symbol on the siding at the soccer complex. Just last week, it was all over the playground equipment.

"It's a problem that's starting to grow, see more and more of this gang graffiti. So, it's here at this point. As citizens and police officers, it's time to take action," says Officer Tripp.

"I don't think North Augusta has a gang problem. It just makes me think teenagers are bored in the summer," says Sue Anne.

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time in the past month markings like this have been found at the park.

But, she and Noah won't stop kicking it this summer, in the park.

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Adidas T Shirt Dress White

"I wouldn't have a reason to not feel safe," says Sue Anne.

Still today, you can see the markings of gang graffiti, even after city works cleaned up some of the walls. This isn't the first Adidas T Shirt Dress Pink

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Adidas T Shirt Dress White

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