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But first, he had to find to set up the company. Fortunately, he got in just under the wire, putting funding in place just before the global financial crisis hit.

Garry said: "On a good week, there are 100 per day coming through the doors and I believe that there's a lot more potential here.

Garry has been mountaineering in the Himalayas and the Arctic but found setting up Alter Rock was one of his biggest challenges.

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"A lot of people still don't know what indoor climbing is and as an activity it is still very much in its infancy.

Garry said: "I think Adidas White Crop Top

In terms of growing the company, however, Garry Pink Adidas Hoodie Mens

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Adidas Sweatshirt With Pockets

Adidas Sweatshirt With Pockets

He said: "Friends in Edinburgh had set up a climbing centre and I thought that doing a similar thing would allow me to do more climbing. That was in 1998. It took about nine years to find suitable premises because for climbing you need plenty of height.

A few leisure centres, schools and colleges also have indoor walls.

"It is more than just exercise not soulless like the gym and you really have to think about what you're doing."

He said: "This is a solvent business that is showing a solid profit but when I go to the bank for capital to make improvements that will help the business, the funding is unavailable.

He said: "If I'd have asked for the money six months later, I was told by the bank manager that I would only have got half of what I needed."

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Indoor climbing centre Alter Rock has spent five years dealing with the ravines and overhangs of running a niche business through a recession. Oliver Astley reports.

The holds on the climbing walls are also changed regularly to keep it challenging for the regulars and there are coaching Adidas Sweatshirt With Pockets sessions for those who want to take it more seriously and improve their skills

The site Garry chose was the listed Victorian era St James's Church, in Malcolm Street, Normanton. It was fitted out with 660 square metres of climbing wall.

The device takes up the slack as a climber ascends the wall and controls the descent when they either reach the top or lose their grip.

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A former electrician with a passion for climbing, he saw Derby as a sensible location given its proximity to the Peak District and the number of climbers it attracts. He set up the business hoping people would try the sport in an indoor setting and then be inspired to develop their interest outdoors.

IT has been a tricky ascent for indoor climbing centre Alter Rock. Launched five years ago, just after the world plunged into an economic crevasse, Adidas Sweatshirt Orange

An auto belay device has been introduced so that people can climb without having to have someone else at the bottom of the wall holding their rope.

has found he has a mountain to climb when it comes to securing further lending.

In practice it means that people will be able to climb more frequently without having to take turns with their climbing partner.

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"The majority of people who come here climb socially, meeting friends and having coffee and a cake afterwards.

´╗┐Garry and team are still hitting a brick wall when it comes to bank lending

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Adidas Sweatshirt With Pockets

that we still have a long way to go but there is big potential here. There is a lot more we'd like to do in terms of making improvements and adding new equipment.

He said: "It had been empty for the best part of 15 years before we came along, realised that it lent itself to climbing and started the business."

the venue has had to negotiate harsh economic conditions to hang on.

Children and families are a target market for Alter Rock, too, with child and parent sessions during the holidays and birthday parties.

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There are now about 50 commercial climbing walls operating in the UK, the first one having opened in Sheffield back in 1991.

Indoor climbing was on the shortlist to be made an Olympic sport for the 2020 Games but fell at the final hurdle.

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