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"I did not campaign very hard, but that was not my intention" Buzicky said.

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"There are some opportunities that folks bring to the city staff and I think city staff should really take an issue or a proposal or whatever and look at it, and not, no, that won fit there. "I tend to work in a positive way to do things," she said.

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She believes the council can work better with city staff and says said there Adidas Hoodie White Mens

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Garcia, who after an absence comes back to the council where she has served two terms, said she would have liked too have faced an opponent with a more active election effort. "One thing that was disappointing is that this wasn a dog eat dog type of campaign," she said, arguing that more vigorous debate would have been good for Richfield.

is a need for an "attitude change" within the body.

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"I think we need to approach Adidas Tracksuit Online Shopping

Edwina Garcia will return to the Richfield City Council Jan. 1.

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ran unopposed for the seats.

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´╗┐Garcia defeats Buzicky for Richfield City Council seat

Garcia will be doing the representing, however, and says in addition to advocating for the coveted underpass that would connect 77th Street East and Cedar Avenue, she will push for a more hands on council.

Garcia beat her opponent, David Buzicky, 2,943 votes to 2,025 votes Tuesday for the Ward 2 seat, which will be vacated by Councilmember Fred Wroge.

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a lot of things in a totally different Adidas Sweatshirt Kids way than what we been doing," said Garcia, who has also represented Richfield in the State House of Representatives.

He positioned himself as a will of the people candidate in his pitch to voters. "I did not go into this as a politician," Buzicky said. "I went in there to put out the word: I represent you."

Neither candidate was surprised by the results, which were "I would say just about what I expected," Buzicky said, acknowledging that his campaign was not extensive.

Richfield other two wards were also up for vote Tuesday. Council members Pat Elliott, of Ward 1, and Tom Fitzhenry, of Ward 3, Adidas Womens Tank Top

"I think it serves the citizens of Richfield when you got people that will show up and talk about the issues, and talk about a vision for Richfield, and I didn get that with my opponent."

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