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Three years ago, the four provincial winners all failed to reach the All Ireland semi finals. Croke Park's jets remained cool. They were right. Two years on and the eight champions since have all reached the last four of the championship.

Imagine the atmosphere in Cusack or Walsh Park had Sunday's Munster quarter final been held in either venue.

When it comes to making a big decision, the GAA look for a trend first.

their provincial openers (Kerry winning two) and but for another top flight team beating them Tyrone would have taken any other team in Ulster.

The provincial competitions? Whether people like it or not, they're staying. Speaking on Newstalk last Saturday, FRC chairman Eugene McGee reiterated that fact, one he had spoken about in these pages last year. He talked about the "horrific imbalances" in the provinces but the FRC's hands being tied by their strength. "The provincial championships are still too strong to be done away with, whether I like it or don't like it that's irrelevant. That's the problem. Anything that you're going to change about the present All Ireland system has to be done on the basis of the four provinces, imbalanced and unfair as they are. But more and more people are saying that this Munster championship is a fallacy. You've a two county championship, it's a pointless exercise and of course grossly unfair."

Padraic Maher wasn't spared either with one comment suggesting he benefited from "dubious refereeing".

Surprisingly, a couple of the Limerick players got involved in the ridiculing on Adidas Tank Top For Girls

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In that cartel of power, there will be some fabulous games but it will likely be August before we see them. Even the prospective Kerry Cork Munster final will lose some of its lustre because it'll take just one win for the losers to reach the same stage as the winners.

The championship is possibly the most dysfunctional competition in world sport, but then no other has to consider and accommodate for so many other aspects and interests within its association.

Clearly, somebody or a couple of someones felt not just the playing rules but the competition's system was worth a root and branch examination.

Until then, we can only drum our fingers and wait for the chaff to be cut from the wheat because there will be no romance stories.

Nothing else will do. A one season anomaly is treated for what it is. But should it be repeated? Well, then an eyebrow is arched.

Seven of the eight Division 1 teams have won Adidas Womens Hoodie Pink

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´╗┐GAA risking elitist tag if mismatches continue

There will Adidas Hoodie White And Blue

If the last few weeks has thought us anything in the staging of a game it's that, where possible, it should be hosted on a home and away arrangement up to but excluding provincial finals.

Initially, its format wasn't in the Football Review Committee's brief.

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At the same time, it is the GAA's greatest advertisement.

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Twitter with one remarking, "Woooooooooo Is lar still running like a fool" and "The Kilkenny cats on there (sic) way! I hope lar gets the line he's acting like a fool!"

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Another one asked: "Would love to see the face on Tommy Walsh when he wakes up beside Lar Corbett in the morning!!!!!"

Time has come for joined up thinking

be something different in either Leitrim or London reaching a Connacht final but against a ruthless Mayo, as we expect it will be, they will have a noose around their neck.

Strong arguments will be made that any one of six teams can win the All Ireland title but, while that may be true, the gulf between them and the rest is huge.

And by God does it Adidas Rose Sweatshirt need it. Even four weeks into the championship on this island, it's evident this is the most polarised competition since the introduction of the back door.

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Corbett may not start in the Gaelic Grounds this Sunday but Limerick's players would have been better off not airing such views on a public platform that could come back to haunt them.

The news that there have never been as many landslide results at this stage of the All Ireland SFCas right now is not going to set off any fire alarms in the corridors of Croke Park.

Kerry may have it easy on one hand but on the other they are twiddling their thumbs. Today is day three into a 36 day wait until a Munster final. Beat Cork or Clare and they've another four weeks to an All Ireland quarter final. Promotion wise alone, that's extraordinarily poor.

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Let's be honest outside of the counties competing there will belittle interest in games until Dublin and Kildare on June 30, maybe Donegal and Down on June 23, but that's stretching it.

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Weren't we so silly to be getting carried away about a series of results that happened to be as regular as a total solar eclipse?

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