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recession, and I was really keen to get this job. Adidas Pullover For Girls I even dressed smart in a suit unlike many others that attended in trainers and scruffy clothes."

David Davies, PA Wire

"I been unemployed since September 2011 when I lost my job in the recession, and I was really keen to get this job."

Neil Hughes

G4S and London 2012

When we put our readers stories to G4S for a response, a spokesman told us:

Adidas Pullover For Girls

"I applied in 2011, passed all the sections and was initially offered the post of radiologist. But this was the last I heard for months. Then I was phoned out of the blue by the accreditation department in late May/early June and asked more or less all the same stuff again. Near the end of June two different people rang me on the same day hurriedly checking references. Since then the status of my application on the G4S site hasn changed. I been unemployed since September 2011 following losing my job Adidas Pink Hoodie

Adidas Pullover For Girls

"While we aren able comment on individual cases, we are sorry that potential employees have experienced difficulties through the recruitment process.

Adidas Pullover For Girls

Adidas Pullover For Girls

licence in agreement for it to be used as identification for sending of my SIA licence. I now been without both for about four months."

Confusion over where to collect uniforms; birth certificates getting lost in the post; and people spending hundreds of pounds in travel costs to train for an event they weren invited to attend.

These were some of the stories we received when we invited readers to send us their experiences of trying to get a job with the security company G4S during London 2012.

Steven Saunders

"I applied and was called for interview with G4S to undertake a security role, for which I passed all the interview process but then failed to hear anything until I wrote to the chief executive. In the end I didn get through the selection process, despite passing the interview, but I had to keep chasing the company to find out if I had been employed or not."

Below, you can read some the accounts we have been sent by readers."I passed the G4S interview some months ago but still haven heard anything back. Both my parents and I have rung the customer service number at least twice a week, sometimes hanging on for a good hour before getting through. Last week I was told to collect my uniform and accreditation and requested them to email me with the details of where to go in London. Last week she was told she will be working as of this Monday, and they would be in touch to tell her where to get her accreditation and uniform. She already has her payroll number, but we still have no news. All the emails we send don get replies. She even been told she needs to go to training. She all ready to start working if only someone would just call her."

Adidas Pullover For Girls

Kenneth Ogilvie

"What we can say is the large increase in numbers of staff requested by Locog up from an original 2,000 in December 2010 to more than five times this number, six months ago has been extremely challenging, and we have encountered some delays in progressing applicants through the final stages. We have been devoting more resources and working flat out to process these as swiftly as possible, and we are now in the position where we have over 4,000 people deployed now at 100 venues, and more than 9,000 going through the final stages of training, vetting and accreditation."

Adidas Pullover For Girls

We heard from someone who was unemployed for almost a year, was overjoyed to pass an interview with G4S, then waited months to hear further details, only to find out there were no training days left and hence could not gain work at the Games.

"I attended an interview with G4S back in March. I have done for the last 10 years and was also a member of the forces for years. I was informed eight weeks ago that I had passed all screening and vetting and someone from payroll would be in touch. It didn happen. After several attempts at trying to contact G4S through their call centre, I have now given up. Undermanned? Try employing some of the people that you interviewed, G4S."

Adidas Pullover For Girls

G4S has come in for sustained criticism over the past week for admitting it could not provide enough staff to work at the 2012 Games.

Adidas Pullover For Girls

Pam Tuthill

Adidas Pullover For Girls

Steve Sanders

"I been given a contract and even a payroll number, but for the last three weeks have been trying to contact G4S to find out when my training will start. Then this week I rang again, to be told that no further training will be given. I take it that that is it! Despite me paying to attend the interview and then waiting three months!

to the Grey Adidas Tracksuit Womens

"After my interview I was told that I would be contacted about my training dates. I heard nothing for three months, then was bombarded with training dates which I completed, and now have been sent additional training dates which would be done during the Olympic Games. Stupidity! I also given G4S my driving Adidas Training Tracksuit

"I went for the interview with G4S around in April at Hampden Park. I did training for my SIA, a week of training at Livingston football ground, and filled in all the relevant documents. But then I got a phone call to say they only got half of my birth certificate. And then I had a call saying they can get a hold of my references. Then I had to go back to Livingston for more training. They say staff are not turning up for work, but I still in the dark as to whether or not I got the job. I have yet to meet any member of the G4S staff."

Adidas Pullover For Girls

Another told us they pulled out of the Games after discovering they would have to pay for transport and accommodation, which contradicted what they had read a job advertisement placed in a local job centre.

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