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"Being gay in Augusta is very interesting," Braden said. "When I moved down here I still had a rainbow decal on my car. When I moved here to take care of my mother her first words to me were, 'Take that off or someone is going to throw a brick through your window.'"

´╗┐Gay Pride Parade planning on coming to Downtown Augusta

The event is planned for Father's Day weekend. Organizers are asking to be able to celebrate on the north side of Broad Street between 6th and 10th streets before ending at the river walk with a concert.

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"It's time to bring Augusta more towards the 21st century," Braden said. "And lets be a little more out, open and understanding of people."

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The group plans to meet with Mayor Copenhaver Wednesday to seek approval.

"It's not good for people to have to hide themselves," Rev. Beard said. "I don't have to do it and people I love and care for shouldn't have to do it either."

"We understand that some people will not support or condone this," Kelly said. "But I think that's why we're doing it."

Members of Augusta Pride said they are ready for some changes and adding a parade downtown is one of them.

Adidas Joggers Suit

Adidas Joggers Suit

Adidas Joggers Suit

A parade would be a big step for many gay and lesbian activists who came together at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Augusta, including Alan Braden of Augusta Pride.

Rev. Margaret Beard of the Unitarian Universalist Adidas Joggers Suit Church of Augusta said she is planning to join them to celebrate the event.

all and it's about having acceptance," Kelly said. "Working together and Pink Adidas Sweatshirts

Adidas Joggers Suit

Adidas Joggers Suit

"It's about community for Adidas Sports Bra White

Augusta Pride President Isaac Kelly tells News 12 it is time for a parade. He says there has not been a Velvet Adidas Tracksuit

living together in a more diverse community here in Augusta."

Adidas Joggers Suit

"It's a civil rights issue in our time that is absolutely vital to address," she said.

large event for the gay community in Augusta since the 1990's.

June's event is planned as a family event and Kelly said he wants everyone to come and enjoy the festivities. The events would include a concert with singer Thelma Houston and American Idol's Frenchie Davis.

Adidas Joggers Suit

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