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Mary Bernadette of Geelong 3220 Posted at 11:50 PM July 30, 2014

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is just wrong to take a kinder out of a low socio area like Thomson where people require services in the immediate vicinity, he said. in Thomson have worked hard to build services such as sports clubs, a senior citizens club and a strong primary school, and having a good local kinder is paramount to the community. Trezise said it would parents for many years and urged GKA to consult with Thomson and other kinders to map out a survival strategy.

to increasingly irate families, and their lack of support to teaching staff is verging on the criminal. They're holding meetings with all kindergartens next week to discuss the 2015 2018 agreement. By all accounts the new agreement will be extremely tight in favour of GKA, and in fact they're hoping some of the 32 kindergartens will pull out!

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Mr Trezise has also written to Adidas Hoodies Red GKA chairman Robin Miles and Early Childhood Development Minister Wendy Lovell asking for intervention on the and arrogant decision, which was made without consulting the Thomson kinder committee.

also have savings which we would be willing to use to pay for up to three and our teacher has to find creative ways to offer a cheaper program. It all been turned down. said a GKA suggestion Adidas Dress Pink

asked us to trust them to turn things around. What have we seen for our patience and faith. Under the new management and Board of Directors we have seen nothing but the loss of Kindergartens, excessive spending in all the wrong areas, loss of valuable staff. The moral amongst the staff is at an all time low, including in the administration unit. We seem to have one single person who has the Board bluffed and no idea of what she is doing. It is either her way or the highway no matter the cost. This issue is about more than just the Thomson kindergarten closing down. Maybe it is time for a vote of no confidence before anymore communities suffer.

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Thomson Kindergarten pres Anna Kattwinkel said she had been contacted by families who had missed a place at Normanby kinder and had listed Thomson has a second preference.

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Jenny from Newtown Posted at 5:04 PM August 03, 2014

have asked if they will reconsider if we get to 27 and have been told it not possible.

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Reading the reports of GKA's management of the Thomson Kinder community begs the question, what are their core values. Perhaps if they adopted some values such as Excellence " Learning " Integrity " Respect " Enabling " Inclusive, espoused by Melbourne's 'Early Learning Association Australia' there would be less objection and distress caused by their arrogant , bullying treatment of committee, staff and community members.

now have 18 of the 27 kids required to make a program viable.

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that the kinder could be in future was is going to come look at an empty building with no teacher or students and to send their child there, Ms Kattwinkel said.

Geelong MP Ian Trezise will raise the issue in Parliament next week, expressing concern that the decision which was made after the kinder failed to meet minimum 2015 enrolment numbers could harm disadvantaged families.

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Fed Up GKA Kinder Parent of Highton Posted at 9:31 AM July 30, 2014

´╗┐Geelong Kindergarten Association urged to reconsider Thomson kinder closure

Austin ward councillor John Irvine has also backed the campaign to keep the kinder, and the City of Greater Geelong Family Ser hopes to meet GKA to discuss kinder places in the 3219 postcode area this week.

But GKA yesterday the Geelong Advertiser request for comment.

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GKA are completely incompetent. Their enrolment system is ludicrous, they're consistently rude White Adidas Long Sleeve Top

is a kinder close by that full, but parents are being turned away from their second preference and are if they be able to get their third, she said.

Ms Kattwinkel said meetings with GKA last week had been unproductive.

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Nearly 3 years ago GKA took some drastic actions with their reasons being they needed to save the organization and protect the Kindergartens, staff and families that relied on their management. They Adidas Sweatshirts Kids

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