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Gerald riposte was to ask me to join him again at the Smithfield where, he suggested, we should his 10 winnings down our throats We did and he Adidas Hoodie Yellow was in great form.

I never spoke to him again but was aware of his ill health because his former colleagues on the sports desk kept close touch.

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´╗┐Gerald never knew how highly regarded he was

We mused on what a shame it was that Gerald wouldn have known how highly regarded he had been.

SELDOM in my journalistic career have I seen as much love for a fellow hack as I did for legendary Derby Telegraph sports reporter Gerald Mortimer last week.

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I can pretend I knew Gerald as well as my colleagues on our sports desk because he retired from daily involvement with the paper before I joined in 2006.

Ironically, many old hacks, Gerald included, have been sceptical about the internet but without it we wouldn have known how much folk had enjoyed his reporting and how much he had meant to so many.

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Gerald had a reputation of someone who was hard to please but during the conversation he was generous in his praise of the Telegraph and, in particular, of his successor as Rams reporter, Steve Nicholson.

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If Gerald had been aware of such love and respect, I am sure that his later years would have been brighter.

event. I had been called to a meeting in London and had to let him down.

It is my regret that the last time I spoke to him was when I had to tell him I couldn go to a Rams Adidas Tracksuit Black Gold

When he died last week, we were all overwhelmed by the number of tributes to him not only from journalists and people in football and cricket (which he reported with such gusto for so many years) but the general Derbyshire public.

Most of the kind words about him were written on social media, a communication tool which was in its infancy when he retired from full time journalism.

been stunned by the applause of thousands of Rams fans when his photograph appeared on the iPro Stadium scoreboard, accompanied by a heartfelt announcement by the club.

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Personally, I don believe anyone can look down on life after they have died but this is one occasion on which I would like to be wrong for the sake of Gerald Mortimer.

It is a sad fact that the greatest accolades are most likely to come after death or at a special occasion such as an award ceremony.

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