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Geelong Superintendent Darryl Clifton said the union claims were false.

could have 1000 more police but it makes no difference, it what we do with them. We Pink Adidas Tracksuit Baby

leave, which is putting more strain on other members, he said.

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A Belmont businessman fears strained police numbers are leaving Geelong suburbs without adequate support after he says he was left to fend off a violent offender alone.

Police Association secretary and former homicide detective Ron Iddles said the strain had led staff to plan a rally in Johnstone Park next week in an to highlight Geelong under staffing woes.

Supt Clifton said the region would also see 70 extra police filter in later this year after the completion of the Waurn Ponds police station, which is due to open in October.

try to use our resources in the best way possible as the public purse is limited, he said.

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´╗┐Geelong police numbers crisis sparks rally with revelations local numbers worst in state per head

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Mr Iddles said a recent audit found Geelong had only 12 extra police between 2010 and 2014, while population figures blew out by almost 9000 to more than 212,000 across Greater Geelong in that time.

The numbers recruited are far less than requirements + numbers going out from stress, non support for return to work, depression, injury, retirement, career change. 'We have x more police' doesn't tell the full story. The police hierachy don't listen to the very thin blue line. Rather than renting the police cells to the prision system for prison officers to guard the prisoners, police members are now guarding prisoners, a job they are not trained to do. With the degrading remuneration, who would put their life at risk each day for this job? The human resource management of the Victoria Police is laughable. Who realistically performance manages the 'management'. Geelong is not a sleepy little town with no crime, and you don't have to be Einstein to know that. Wake up Geelong, speak with your presence at the rally, let the government know it just not good enough. Remember, it's not just support for the police members that's at stake here, it's the safety of your family, loved ones, children, neighbours. Do not lose your voice to stand up for your rights to safety.

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had to hear this woman foul language before she took a couple of swings at me, he said.

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The Geelong, Bellarine and Corio stations had been given 38 extra staff since 2010, which had filled gaps in uniform, investi and road policing, Supt Clifton said.

Chris, whose surname Adidas Hoodie Light Pink has been withheld, said a 000 call drew no response on Monday after a drug affected woman frightened shoppers on High Adidas Training Tracksuit

Adidas Hoodie Light Pink

seeing members being taken from Corio and sent to Geelong to operate the divisional van and others taking increasing amounts of sick Crop Top Adidas

But police command has the claims false and misleading.

Lara of Geelong Posted at 10:24 PM May 14, 2014


Police Minister Kim Wells also disputed the claims and said the State Government was set to deliver the single largest law enforcement recruitment exercise in Victoria history.

The health professional said police called him back soon after his 000 call but told him officers were tied up with other high priority jobs.

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got very desperate and we have a to do something. released under a Freedom of Information by Labor show Geelong police numbers were down 19 per cent from 224 to 181, while the crime rate 15 per cent.

Sick leave numbers due to stress were also on par with previous years with no increase he said.

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