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"I was practically half way across to Queenscliff fort (from Adidas Hoodie Crop Top

Wagga Wagga father Richard Skellen says the four Black Adidas Hoodie Mens

Up ahead, a middle age man is riding a jetski and on his lap sits one year old Golden Retriever Badger togged up in his own bright red lifejacket.

to carry a torch.

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The pair, from Warrandyte and Croydon, along with a third passenger, are aboard their father's shiny jetskis.

Police also monitor VHF radio channels to find out where unruly water users "hide" once word a police presence on the water gets out.

"He doesn't let me go out unless I take him," he laughs

By 11am, the officers have intercepted another two jetskis and a weathered fishing boat in search of a good catch.

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At 9.30am, the police vessel comes across two jetskiers out capturing their adventure on Go Pro cameras.

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It's when the boat closes in on Rye that the officers are left doubting their eyes.

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Sgt Rietveld says unruly and illegal use Adidas Hoodie Dark Grey of jetskis was their biggest concerns out in the open water.

legged friend is obsessed with the water.

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"Licence please," Sgt Lilly says. "I lost my wallet a couple of days ago."

But one is sporting incorrect registration stickers and fails Adidas Tracksuit Mens Black And White

"Just a safety check."

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But the boat owner has failed to carry his boat licence and potentially lifesaving flares have also expired.

As we set out from Queenscliff in sweltering temperatures, it's soon clear that others share the same appealing idea to flock to Port Phillip Bay with the forecast set at 45C.

"It's not uncommon to come across these scenarios but we try and work with these people to rectify the problems."

"Unlicensed riders, for example, now face hefty penalties with $700 fines," he says.

"Not one," the 75 year old man replies.

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´╗┐Geelong Advertiser spends a day on Port Phillip Bay with water police

"We don't want to charge someone for riding over their dad or brother while trying to splash one another, yet we see people getting too close time and time again."

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"Had any luck (catching fish)?" Sgt Lilly yells to an older couple and child from Werribee, trying their luck in a small fishing boat.

Instantly suspicious of why police are on their tail, Sgt Lilly says it's vital officers approach with caution and ensure the reason for an intercept is swiftly known.

Rye) one day and when I looked around he was right behind me so I've got to bring him now.

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