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Early next year, Isaac heads to a training camp in Falls Creek, where he will join the country's elite athletes preparing for the Commonwealth Games.

This comprises 30 x 200m sprints, 12 x 400m sprints, seven x 1km reps with two minute Tank Top Adidas

The performance booked his place at the worlds in Israel in April.


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For now, Isaac is training seven days a week to ensure he is in peak Adidas Crew Neck Jumper

Far from having a lack of talent, the 16 year old distance runner admits it was a stroke of good fortune that paved the way for his berth in the International School Federation's World Cross Country Championships.

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"The week before I won one of the Victorian cross country series races, and I got a doctor's certificate, and they let me through, which was lucky," Isaac said.

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Isaac then made the most of his chance, running second in his age group (under 17s) and finished fifth for Australia Adidas Tracksuit Cream

condition for the world titles.

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"It's almost impossible to gauge where we stand against the other countries because it's the first age group where you're able to compete at international level in cross country," Isaac said.

´╗┐Geelong runner Isaac Hockey is off to the world championships

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On Wednesday, he uses the wind trainer at home, Friday he swims, Saturday he competes and Sunday is an 80 minute slow run.

Isaac will enter the unknown at the worlds, but is aiming high.

"I didn't run very well in the Vic titles because I was sick and I finished 17th,'' Isaac said.

with Adidas Hoodie Dark Blue a time of 20 minutes flat over 6km.

He spends three sessions a week Monday, Tuesday and Thursday with coach Lisa Verstraten at Eastern Gardens or Landy Field completing gruelling programs, including what he describes as the "death session".

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