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These girls were staying out and drinking and taking drugs and being sexually abused for days on end, or till early hours of the mornings and then returning for more drugs and drink the next evening. what were the reasons they were put into care homes? what are the causes of the breakdown in our society which leads to girl as such having no self respect or self worthiness.

The ringleaders Abid Mohammed Saddique, 27, and Mohammed Romaan Liaqat, 28 were jailed indefinitely.

other right wing groups labelling, stigmatising, spreading propoganda of the afro carribean community for pimping and "gang banging" and abusing white vulnerable women in the 70's and 80's. Were all those claims false? Why is it that mixed black/white children are the largest mixed race group in the country out numbering many ethnic minorities today?

I agree with you completely, starting with stopping the protection of people who have commmitted crimes based on the colour of their skin because they belong to a minority community, you need to stop doing it along with the other poster(s) that reply to Adidas Crop Top White every post I make, the Derby Evening Telegraph need to drop the political correctness go back to being a local paper that reports impartially on issues affecting the people of Derby, I look forward to this maybe happening one day

Many of the girls were helped to give evidence by Safe and Sound.

Its rather unbelievable, even, if we take certain posters statistics as factual that 7 Asian gangs have been convicted in the UK, and, for arguments sake lets assume the number of people in each gang amounts to 10, which is considerably more than the figures given, we are still left with a Adidas Hoodie Black Mens

We need to stop focussing on the race/religion/colour/nationality of the perpetrators

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I condemn the behaviour of a few hood rats within the asian community who in my view are not mentally stable and therefore commit these attrocious crimes, the same as paedophiles, but in no way shape or form does this give reason for anyone to put a racial slant on this issue. These men are simply criminals who have no respect for women and i assure you these crimes are also committed against asian women/girls too but in my opinion they are not publicised as much due to the whole honour issue surrounding asian women.

And last but not least, rather than blaming the whole Asian community for your politcal agenda, how about discussing why these young girls become vulnerable and gullible in the first place. Where are the parents and carers of these girls?

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´╗┐Gang groomed girls for sex at any price

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Why did they feel the need to hide their relationships and "partying" with Asian men in the first place?

number around 70.

For those that claim this problem has existed for over 2 decades. Surely you recall the days of the national front and Yellow Adidas Hoodie Tnt

As opposed to dishing figures relating to the crime of street grooming by offering drugs and alcohol in order to entice young girls, how many have looked at statistics relating to paedophilia of white chidlren , gang rapes of white women , pimping of white women, traficking/ abduction of white girls and women from eastern europe. I assure you that the figure of 70 or so in the last 70 odd years is minute compared to the others. I also assure you that none of the other crimes is a predominantly asian crime.

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There are teachers, and yes they are invariably white, who have been convicted of sexual abuse of primary school children, So what do you suggest,that we all withdraw our children from state education and home school them? Or should we have a rota that has parents sitting outside,or even inside, the classroom to keep an eye on the children and their teacher? Or do we take time to talk to our children, that they understand their body is private, that nobody has the right to touch them, that there are no secrets they cannot share with their parents if someone tries to molest them? That only works if a child has someone who cares about and for them. For those without someone who loves and cares ,hey become the targets of paedophiles, who spend many months grooming them, with disastrous consequences.

I scroll through the posts and see how playground bully tactics are being utilised in order to segregate and osctracise certain posters on this forum.

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Thomas_peet, two reasons, one there was an article by a retired police officer who admitted it was going on when he was in the forces. They were afraid of being labelled racist, The other is a social worker friend, she has the unenviable task of helping the victims come to terms with the abuse they endured. As more of these rings are uncovered there will be more victims, and there will be more of both. She speaks in general so as not to breach confidentiality and never mentions names but listening to heartbreaking abuse takes it toll on her and her family.

horrific sexual exploitation, uncovered during a Derbyshire police investigation dubbed Operation Retriever.

AT least 27 girls one of whom was living with foster carers in Derby and two others in city children's homes fell prey to the gang of nine men, who raped and assaulted them over two years.

Does this mean u have the right to label 3 million current residents and countless millions that have co existed in this country for the past 70+ years.

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After 10 months of secret court hearings, all the men were convicted of their part in the Sleeveless Adidas

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