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approximately $400,000 more than budgeted in 2013.

The city will spend $28.8 million on operating costs this year; Pink Adidas Sweatshirt Womens

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Assessment multiplied by tax rate equals tax levy. It is a pretty simple equation despite a befuddling insistence by some in past budget announcements to give great weight to assessment.

I decided to resign myself to the fact Kenora elected municipal officials are going to forever refuse to grasp the fact there are two factors which determine the tax bill which every property owner receives.

But if you are going to talk the talk, you have to walk the walk.

The reality is I can think of anyone whose salary is keeping pace with city taxation increases not even the city own employees, which number approximately 240 full and part time, who will receive a combined $214,000 in wage increases in 2014. In fact, many employed in both the public and private sector have had no increases in recent years and then there are the many Kenoraites trying to live on a fixed income.

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The City of Kenora 2014 combined budget, including operating, capital, special projects and reserve appropriations, totals $42.8 million. After increasing spending by almost $5 million in 2013, this year combined budget is $2.4 million more than the $40.4 million total last year.

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Other revenue sources coming out of property owners pockets have also been increased over the past decade from the introduction of bag tag fees to hikes in water and Adidas Maroon Pullover

I guess it is easy to blame a faceless corporation the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation for tax increases. But the fact is, while your assessment has likely increased, the city has the power to balance off those increases by decreasing the tax rate to hold the line on your tax bill.

The comment of holding the line also can be Adidas Crew Neck applied to city spending.

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First, more than 50 per cent of this year $42.8 million budget $22.8 million will raised through municipal taxation, about $620,000 more than the actuals in 2013. The residential levy accounts for the lion share of municipal tax revenue at $15.8 million, followed by the commercial contribution of $5.5 million and industrial at $1.0 million.

Council isn doing that in 2014.

I understand the conundrum council and city administration faces in some areas. It receives increased levies and requests from outside agencies the Kenora District Services Board, $95,000; the District of Kenora Homes for the Aged, $28,000; local boards and commissions $30,000 and has to address revenue shortfalls from other sources like a $354,000 reduction in the Ontario Municipal Partnership grant this year.

City council has done neither despite claims in its very own introductory statement to Monday 2014 budget announcement.

approximately 31.50 per cent.

The simplest method for holding the line, in my books, would be decreasing the tax rate 7.2 per cent the equivalent of the four year phase in average assessment increase for 2014 including improvements. That, or you could apply the theory to the city spending habits.

This is not holding the line by my definition.

Seriously, I hear comments that taxation is not sustainable or acceptable and that there is a need for decreases people aren going to be able to afford to live here but it isn being translated on the bottom line.

city has suffered increased taxation that is not sustainable or acceptable to this council and this budget is a message to further councils and the citizens of this great city that we must hold the line, finance chairman Ron Lunny stated, reading from a prepared statement.

However, the 2014 budget represents only a four per cent reduction in the municipal tax rate compared to 2013. That means an overall average tax rate increase of 2.3 per cent for residential property owners. And it is important to note, this is the average. In 2012, when the assessment increase from 2008 was announced, while the average residential property value increased 27.42 per cent, waterfront values had increased by Mens Adidas Sweatshirt Pink

With a provincial election in the wind and a federal election in 2015, Mayor Dave Canfield is predicting there will be money available for municipalities to address some of these needs. It is a good line of thinking, especially with the federal government predicting a surplus of about $15 billion.

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Canfield wants to have applications ready for projects, when the time comes, but then the city would also have to bring its share to the table. I am afraid promises of an additional two dollars to spend for each one the city spends, as past infrastructure spending programs have offered, will drown out any whimpering that reaches our elected officials ears.

The overall tax take from property owners has increased each of the last five years too. In 2010, the spring prior to the present council election, the city net tax levy requirement was $19.7 million almost a $700,000 increase. In 2011, $20.6 million was collected from property owners, an increase of almost $1 million from 2010. Another $1 million increase occurred in 2012 and an $800,000 bump in 2013 brought the city net tax levy requirement to $22.3 million. This year total is $22.8 million.

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It will invest $11.2 million in capital spending; $2.1 million more than the $9.1 million budgeted in 2013 and $7 million more than $4.1 million in 2012, but less than the $13.2 million budgeted in 2011 or $24.1 million in 2010.

sewer fees to cover future capital costs.

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No, I do not think you can stand still and watch the world pass by. Water main breaks experienced in recent months have only accentuated the need to finance infrastructure improvements. And let us not forget the costs of repairing bridges and roads downloaded by the province more than a decade ago which hang over our heads.

´╗┐Further cuts to city tax rate required

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