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Library chief executive Patti Manolis said the difference was considerable.

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"The knowledge gained from attendance at the conference and the visits will benefit future library service planning and delivery across the region," she said.

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´╗┐Geelong councillor Andy Richards books library team in for overseas Adidas Long Sleeve Jersey

Ms Manolis said Adidas Tracksuit Blue And White

Cr Richards declined to comment on the trip, which followed a public stoush with Adidas Sweatshirt Zip Up

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The library board has been Adidas Blue Pullover vocal in its calls for more State Government funding as it struggles with rising costs.

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The rest comes from State Government grants (21 per cent), fees, charges and interest.

The library corporation has been battling financial difficulties, prompting Cr Richards to speak out about a lack of funding from the State Government earlier this year.

More than 75 per cent of the library's income comes from the member councils Geelong, Golden Plains Shire, Surf Coast Shire and the Borough of Queenscliffe.

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GRLC chief executive Patti Manolis and library and learning services executive manager Alison Katona also attended the conference before the three travelled to 10 libraries in Sweden and the Netherlands.

THE Geelong Regional Library Corporation's budget surplus has been cut in half.

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the 12 day trip had been a valuable learning experience and was approved by the board.

"These progressive European libraries value the space between the shelves as being just as important as the shelves and the items on them. The focus is on creating a welcoming and comfortable environment with the flexibility to be used in many different ways."

his colleagues to approve a $3000 study tour to libraries in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Councillor Andy Richards, who is the chair of the Geelong library board, was one of three representatives who went to the Next Library Conference in Aarhus, Denmark, in June.

"While the difference in these surpluses is significant we note that both years included unusual and non recurring transactions not reflective of the running of the day to day library service," she said.

The corporation's annual report shows the surplus dropped from $940,060 in 2011 12 to $406,669 in 2012 13.


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